A BIG Thank You
A very BIG thank you to the Alabama Construction Recruitment Institute and their "Go Build Alabama" campaign for sponsoring our conference tee shirts this year!

TSA State Conference

April 16-17, 2018
Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex
Birmingham, Alabama
"A Celebration of Success"

TSA Official Dress Information
As we move towards total adoption of the TSA "Official Blue Shirt" as our official dress for branding the organization, and in an an effort to more closely follow national competition procedures.  The Alabama TSA Executive Committee has implemented the following policy:  TSA Official dress is to be worn at all times for conference and competition activities.  This includes during registration and turn in of materials, binders, displays, dragsters, etc..  If a competitor is not in official dress at the time of turn in, the 10 point clothing penalty will be incurred. 


Please join with the Alabama Technology Student Association in promoting a new record for conference attendance, a new  membership record, and 100% chapter affiliation!
We are still seeking to have 100% affiliation for all chapters this year.  That is something that has never been done in the history of Alabama TSA, but is a very real and achievable goal. 


Registration Opens March 1

Registration will occur on  http://www.registermychapter.com/tsa/al/Main.asp   Advisors you will be using your National TSA username and password to enter the site and complete your registration.
Advisors Registration Guide


!!! LEAP Leadership Resume !!!
Every competitive event  (this applies to both high school and middle school divisions now) requires a LEAP Leadership Resume to be submitted (printed copy). In most events we will not conduct the interviews for semifinalists, as we just do not have the time.  However, judges are encouraged to use the resume as a guide for questions in any events that do require an interview or questions and answers after a presentation.  The resume templates for individual as well as team events are found at  http://www.tsaweb.org/LEAP-competition-engagement.

The delegate process is an important part of the Alabama Technology Student Association State Leadership Conference.  Being a student ledOrganization, it is vital that each year the best slate of candidates is chosen to lead the association through another year of programs and activities.  In order to accomplish this the association holds an annual “Delegate Business Session” this meeting is where  those candidates are voted into office.  It is also the meeting in which the health of the organization is reported to the membership in standing reports and committee reports.  Also, if there are any Constitutional or By-laws changes to be made, or resolutions to be passed this is the meeting where they will be discussed, amended, and ratified by the delegates.  It should be considered an honor to serve as a delegate and it is an extraordinary lesson in leadership.
Given the importance of the “Delegate Business Session” it is vital that ALL chapters that are registered for the conference make sure that their chosen representatives are in attendance at the meeting.  So that their student voices are heard, and that they may help lead, guide, and direct the Alabama Technology Student Association.




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